Albinism is an incurable disease that is caused by a lack of the pigment melanin.Melanin is a pigment that determines and produces the color of your eye's, skin, and hair.
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In this website we found out many things that albino people go through with an Albino life, and how they cope with it. We learned that there are many factors to this disease. There are many social and emotional problems that people with albinism face. People with albinism go through hard times when they get funny looks, stares, teasing, or any other bullying problems.

There also was different links on this website, so we got tons of information on treatments, production of melanin, and albinism and their eyes. It also had an "introduction to Albinism
." The introduction told us a lot of useful information about their lifespan, melanin production, the effects on the person, etc. There were many links to different informational site's on this website. There was very accurate information, and the way that they explained things made a lot of sense to us.​

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