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Realize that you may delete my questions and format your page in your own manner.
You must include the following Information on your wiki page:

  1. How does a person inherit it? Is it dominant or recessive?
  2. What are the possible genotypes of the parents?
  3. How prevalent is the disease in the population (include statistics)?
  4. What are the chances of a person with this disease passing the disease to their offspring (include possible scenarios)?
  5. How is the disease diagnosed?
  6. What are the physical symptoms of the disease?
  7. What is the life expectancy of someone with the disease?
  8. How can the disease be treated?

  1. What is everyday life like? What is the quality of life?
  2. What limitations does the person have?
  3. What are some organizations that can help a family cope with a child's disorder (web links)?
  4. How possible is it that a cure will be found?