*Albinism* By: Matti Gerlach

**Albinism** is a rare disorder that is inherited and is presented at birth. This condition is found in every race. Albinism is due to lack of pigment that normally gives color to hair, eyes, and skin. There are many types of albinism. The most common form is known as Oculocutareous Albinism. People that have a less severe form of oculocutareous are born with light skin and hair but it turns slightly darker as they grow older. The second most common form of albinism is called Acular Albinism. This is when the eyes lack color and the skin and hair have a normal color.

Only 5 out of every 100,000 people in the United States and in Europe get this rare disorder. But parts of the world have a higher rate. For example, 20 out of every 100,000 people get it in Southern Nigeria.

How this is caaused
Abinism is an inherited problem caused by a flaw in one or more of the genes that are responsib for directing the eyes and skin to make melanin (pigment). Because of this, little or no pigment is made. This is why the skin, hair, and eyes may be colorless.

Interesting Fact:
Something that is interesting is that most people think that people with albinism have red or pink eyes. But that is not the truth. Most people with albinism have irises varying from light gray, blue, or brown. The irises is the colored part of the eye that lets light in. So if someone with albinism has reddish eyes its because light is being reflected from the retina.​

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These are some other really good websites about peoples living with albinism, and all the ups and downs of having this disorder. It has information about what they need to do to be safe and how they live with it and how them and there familys deal with albinism.