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Tests can be taken to diagnose your hearing.
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If You Have Hereditary Deafness Here Are Some Common Questions That You May Be Asking:

  • How Do I get it?
    • A person can inherit hereditary deafness from one or both parents, even if they don't have hereditary deafness. It can be syndromic or nonsyndromic, or dominant or recessive. If it is a dominant trait, then it requires only one faulty gene, from either the father or the mother. If it is a recessive gene, it requires two faulty genes from both the mother and the father. click here for a more detailed look at the reasons for hereditary deafness.
  • What are the Possible Genotypes of My Parents ?
    • This disease is caused by either a dominant or recessive gene. A recessive trait is a gene you can only get if both parents have it and pass it on to you. Dominant can be gotten if only one parent is a carrier.
  • I Know I'm Not the Only One, So How Prevalent is Hereditary Deafness?
    • Hereditary deafness is the most common birth defect. About 1 in 500 children are deaf, and half the time it's caused by hereditary deafness. This means that 1 in every 1000 children have hereditary deafness. There are other reasons they could be deaf besides genetics, but half of the time it is genetics. Click here for even more statistics on hearing loss.
  • What is the Chance I Can Pass It to My Children?
    • There is a 50% chance that a carrier can pass it in a gene to their offspring.Click Here to understand more about it.
  • How Do Doctors Diagnose My Disease?
    • There are multiple tests that you can take for diagnosing Hereditary Deafness, but first the doctors need to rule out more serious problems first. They do audiologic and otologic tests, and review your family history. They might need to do a CT scan of the temporal bone, and molecular genetic testing. click here for a clearer diagnosis list.
  • What are the Symptoms?
    • Symptoms of this disease are loss of hearing, night blindness, and loss of peripheral vision.
  • Does It Affect My LIfe Expectancy?
    • Hereditary deafness does not impact how long a persons life is. Anyone with it can live a normal healthy life, just like anyone else, but with- out hearing. Impaired hearing doesnt affect how long a persons life is, only how they might go about doing things, because otherwise they are normal.
  • How Can My Disease be Treated?
    • An example of a treatment for this disease would be a gene transfer therapy.

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