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  • Approximately 1 in 17,000 people have albinism
  • You have a pretty good chance that you wont get this disease

What Is Albinism?
Albinism is a disease that is very rare and can be shown in animals just as much as in humans. They lack pigmentation in the skin and usually have symptoms such as...

  • Sunburn regularly
  • Skin cancer
  • Vision problems
  • Pale skin
  • Pale hair
  • Pale iris
Causes Of This Disease & Is It Preventable?
Both parents have to carry the Albinism gene in order to pass it on to their children. If one parent has albinism and the other is a normal being there is more chance of result that the child will have normal pigment of skin. This is not a dominate trait it is a recessive and is passed down from the mother gene.
Sadly no this disease has to deal with your parents and your birth. No matter how much precautions you make for yourself or child they have to deal with your or your parents genes.

The Common Life Of An Albino
They have a hard time being out in the sun because they have such light and fragile skin that they do not stand much of a fight against the sun and get easily sun burnt. They have to cover their bodies with clothes or some sun screen from the suns rays so they do not get sun burnt that easily. Some, often times have vision problems but wear glasses to correct that problem much like you and me. They also have a high tendency to obtain skin cancers because they have no protection from the sun and their skin is so frail sometimes. Other then the fact that they have paler skin then we do they live a normal life...just they have a little more to worry about than the average human. They go to work, spend time with friends, go to public or private schools, and sleep every night and day. Some in the world believe that with this disease they have a shorter life span, but the truth is they do not they just live a normal life like you an me.
A man (click on "man" for his website) who has the life of an albino...

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(A little bit from his website)
Chris Bond,
"I consider myself a humorous and respectful person, although i have albinism and am also short sighted, this doesn't stop me from doing what i want to do, i enjoy going out with friends and having a laugh, i hate doing nothing as it's boring lol, i enjoy visiting new places and travelling."

Are There Any Cures To This Disease?

Sadly, no there is no cure for albinism. To many people this is a huge embarrassment and doctors everyday try to find the cure to this just as they are trying to find the cure to cancer. Even though there is no cure for this disease there are a few nice precautions to avoid uncomfortable sunburn or ways to fix the terrible vision. Like wear sunblock or protect your skin by covering it up with clothes or even a nice hat for the head. As for the vision problems go to the eye doctor and ask for glasses or contacts.

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